Spring cleaning is a great time to rid your home of all the dust and clutter that has accumulated over the dreary winter months. It’s also a good time to refresh your home get and get organized for the months to come.

Make a Schedule

Evaluate your home, and decide what rooms need the most work. Start with those places. Devising a plan to tackle each room will help you maintain focus on the job at hand. Go through each area methodically, then move on to the next. 

Work from Top to Bottom

Beginning cleaning from the ceiling and work down. Clean the dust and cobwebs from your ceiling and fan first-thing. This forces the dust down. That way, you won’t have to re-dust the furniture below. Next clean and dust the furniture before vacuuming the floor. 

Don’t Forget the Windows and Walls

Dust not only accumulates on the furniture and floor, it also gets on your walls and windows. Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth. Also go over your window blinds and shades, starting from the top. Take the window screens outside to wash them down. Finally, clean the window glass.

The Kitchen

First, go through your refrigerator, and throw away anything old. Next, clean the shelves, and defrost the freezer if necessary. Next, go through the pantry, and throw away anything old, and clean those shelves. Thoroughly clean the stove and oven, and finally, wipe down and polish the kitchen cabinets. 

The Bathroom

Go through your medicine cabinet and properly dispose of any medications that are expired. Next, go through your cosmetics and throw away anything that’s old or that you don’t use. Give the shower, tub and sink a thorough cleaning, as well as the floor. Finally, replace the shower curtain with a fresh one.

De-clutter as You Go

Clutter can add to your stress levels; subconsciously, you’ll always know that there’s work to be done. Decluttering your home as you Spring Clean will make your life more efficient and carefree. Take the time to organize your closets and workspace, go through the junk drawer, and makeup bags of unneeded stuff for donation.

Renew and Refresh Your Home

The finishing touch for your annual Spring Cleaning could be replacing things like bedding, throw pillows, towels, and window treatments for a fresh new look. Top it all off with a vase of fresh, spring flowers inside, and a fresh planting of flowers outside, to renew your outlook on life.


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